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Featuring a pair of coffee kettles and two toaster options, Sunbeam® New York Collection™ premium kitchen appliances are the perfect blend of innovation and inspiration.

The challenge
Develop a range of kitchen appliances that pay homage to a range of New York City landmarks, while exceeding user expectations for performance.

The solution
Rarely if ever has kitchen appliance design taken cues from an urban environment. In this case, New York City landmarks gave our design team a rich source of inspiration. Look carefully and you’ll see echoes of the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and even the emblems found on manhole covers. These are complemented by innovative touches like glow-when in-use ambient lighting and a clever, handle-integrated kettle lid opener.

Rather than being tucked behind cabinet doors, the New York Collection earns its place on kitchen countertops. Now, tasks as simple as making toast or a cup of coffee are friendly reminders of the city that never sleeps.

Launched exclusively in Australia and New Zealand in 2020.

Sunbeam New York Collection

Art Deco details, such as the radial rib pattern found on the lids of the coffee kettles, celebrate New York City in ways that are both subtle and unmistakable.

Initial product renderings

Exploration of product materials and finishes

Unexpected conveniences include a push-button kettle lid opener that is subtly integrated into the handle for easier pouring.

When in use, each appliance illuminates with a warm ambient glow that’s ideal for low-lighting environments.

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The Sunbeam® New York Collection™ can be purchased here!
Compatible with Australian voltage/plugs

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