SVP, Design & Innovation,


Nate Young

Knows when to go forward, when to recede

As a committed advocate for design thinking, Nate’s strategic leadership has been instrumental in developing and supporting companies throughout his diverse career. He brings over 35 years of experience to teams locally and internationally, facilitating a collaborative culture of intense creativity and idea-sharing since his arrival in 2013, aligning talented teams to work with a corporate portfolio of 200 brands. About participation on creative teams, Nate says it’s critical to “know when to go forward and lead and yet know when to play a supportive role.”

He has led innovation at large organizations for 30 years. He began his career in the automotive industry, gaining leadership roles at Prince Corporation and Johnson Controls (later JCI); he is the founder of TWISThink, a Michigan-based product design and development firm. He returned to his alma mater, the ArtCenter College of Design, to serve as Executive Vice President and Provost. In 2009, he founded the NewNorth Center for Design in Business, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing innovation within client organizations. It was there that Newell Brands sought out Nate’s expertise, and he was asked to join the company.

Nate has served on the advisory board of the Design Management Institute and the ArtCenter Board of Trustees. He is currently on the board of Southwest Michigan First.

Quote that inspires
“Things don’t get better when left alone.”
– Winston Churchill

Best surprise given
Paying off his parents’ mortgage.

Hidden talent