Director, Design Programming & Strategy, SPEED Lab


Michael Dillane

“More minds lead to better outcomes.”

A big part of Michael’s role is to clear the way for innovation; he applies design thinking to product strategy and to the systems and processes that bring products to market.

He has experience in a range of industries, from consumer technology to automotive. One thing has proven to be true across all of them: good, commercially viable design is the result of a multi-faceted, iterative process. He believes the Design Center enables that innovation by bringing together talented people who build off each other’s ideas.

Michael holds a master’s in Product Design and Development from Northwestern University

Highlight of working at Newell Brands
Being part of building an organization that delivers world-class design to people every day in so many aspects of their lives.

Quote that inspires
Fortune favors the prepared mind (Le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés) – Louis Pasteur

Memorable travel experience
Michael has lived in six countries. His three daughters were each born on a different continent!