Editorial Director, e-Commerce


Megan McKenna

Passionate about storytelling

Megan leads the copy team at Newell Brands, which is responsible for omni-channel story development that drives consumer engagement and brand awareness. From social listening to keyword research, the team strives to understand consumers and to tell relevant and authentic
stories that resonate with them quickly.

After cutting her teeth in print journalism, Megan moved to fashion marketing. As her career evolved into eCommerce, she embraced a digital-first mindset, with a focus on how the power and reach of stories can be amplified across the digital platform and allow for new voices to be heard every day. She considers herself lucky to be part of the digital frontline that makes it happen.

Megan earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and English at Pennsylvania State University.

Most memorable travel adventure
Seeing the aurora borealis for the first time, while flying at 35,000 feet. “I felt like one of the first astronauts, hurtling through the atmosphere in a tiny metal bucket.”

Where do best thinking
On public transportation. When looking for her very first job, she would “scheme and dream of three things: a bed, a paycheck, a career—while someone else did the driving.”

Quote that inspires
“If we keep our little flame alive, our first feeling of enthusiasm of who we are, without the influence or intervention of others, we will prevail.” – Patti Smith