Director, e-Commerce Production & Operations


Kate Ersly

Digital content junkie from age 9

Kate oversees the digital producers who are responsible for managing, routing and delivering the online product experiences to consumers. Professionally, she was born and raised at Ralph Lauren, managing interactive projects and video production. She then became an agency partner of Newell’s, managing content production and developing eCommerce strategies, until officially joining the company in 2017 to launch the eCommerce production team.

Kate is an eCommerce and digital content enthusiast. At age 9, she didn’t get a shiny new bike with rainbow streamers—she got an Apple II GS. She believes that great design and innovative technology is what determines the winners from the losers—and it can solve problems.

Kate received her BA in Art History from Denison University, and her Master’s in Design and Technology Management from New York University.

Source of design inspiration
Dyson. “I often say ‘WWDD—what would Dyson do?’ End to end, from product design to online content, they are extremely thoughtful and effective. Everything they do, they knock it out of the park.”

Highlight of working at Newell Brands
Her team. “Beyond experience and skill set, my hiring strategy was ‘smart, funny, nice’—and that’s exactly what they are.”

Most-used office supply
Macbook Pro power adapter. “I don’t know how people can go to a meeting with a battery at 10 percent. What are you, some kind of skydiving daredevil who also doesn’t use a coaster on a coffee table?”