Director, Fashion & Soft Goods


Chris Davis

“Every great work trip to Asia has at least
a day or two in Hong Kong”

With over 20 years of experience in design and marketing, Chris has developed products, designed packaging, and forecasted colors and trends across many categories, from beauty to small electronics. He’s also done new business development. Design isn’t just work for Chris; it’s also his hobby. After hours, you’ll find him redesigning, remodeling and repurposing homes to give them a second life. His love for travel has influenced how he looks at the world, giving him a fresh perspective and point of view.

Chris holds a BS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design.

Most-used office supply
Sticky notes of any size (except the super small ones). “They are like thought bubbles that help me get my ideas out quickly.”

Best surprise received
He was genuinely surprised—twice—with birthday parties organized by his partner. He loves the unexpected.

Source of design inspiration
Nature. On a road trip, his grandma showed him how beauty blooms in the middle of the desert. The stunning wildflowers left a lasting impression.