Our Team

We are a passionate, tight-knit team of creators and innovators. Our process and skills are evident as you walk through our halls; what’s less visible but just as important is the character of our team members and leaders.

We know design is a team sport

Global offices
Our multiple locations bring us diversity of perspective, keep us close to corporate partners and let us draw from talent shaped by different communities.
Kalamazoo Design Center
Our global design HQ, fueled by multi-focus collaboration

Hoboken, New Jersey
Home to eDesign, SPEED Lab and our Innovation Group

Exton, Pennsylvania
All things Baby happen here

South Deerfield, Massachusetts
Every day is candlelit, for photography and videography

Cheadle, United Kingdom
Our European center for world-class Industrial Design

  • You take all these intersections and put them together and get a complex group of potential outcomes. That’s the magic in our team.
Our Leadership
Learn about our story and the history of Newell Design