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Interpreting Sharpie qualities as a gel pen collection


Building on the success of its markers, Sharpie® enters the gel pen category with its refined, smooth-writing lineup of S-Gel pens.

The challenge
Create a premium writing experience that makes Sharpie® the go-to brand for gel pens as it has been for markers.

The solution
The design team began by taking various design cues from the Sharpie® marker. This can be seen in the minimalist aesthetic and iconic logo on the center of the barrel.

At the same time, the team needed to set the S-Gel apart within the competitive gel market. This includes subtle details, such as a chrome clicker, a metallic band to indicate ink color, as well as the helical-patterned grip for added comfort during writing sessions.

In addition to its vivid ink, the pen glides across the page, offering users a writing experience they’ll want to come back to, again and again.

Launched 2020

Graphic Design Exploration

A metallic banded barrel indicates the ink color

Textured rubber provides added comfort throughout the writing process

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Purchase Sharpie® S-Gel at your favorite office supply store.

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