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Scented Candles Reimagined

The Yankee Candle® Signature Collection creates beautiful home decor candles with newly designed vessels and custom hand-illustrated artwork.

The challenge
Our Design team was challenged to create a design that bridges the equity of the past, feels up-to-date and relevant to consumers. Meanwhile continuing to meet Yankee Candle® burn quality standards and honoring the heritage and legacy of the brand.

The solution
Our Design team has carefully crafted 5 new candle vessels that will delight your senses and enliven your home and outdoor spaces. The 3 new Tumbler vessels feature a brushed tin lid that doubles as a base. The large tumbler was designed with 2 wicks for best burn quality. The 2 new classic jars introduce a more refined version of the classic glass apothecary lid structure.

The label design for this new collection incorporates both watercolor paintings and pencil sketches for a charming home decor feel. This new family of vessels modernizes the Yankee Candle® brand.

Launched 2021

Since the beginning of the brand, Yankee Candle® has been improving the design to reflect current trends and keep the highest quality fragrance.

Initial concept sketches for the new vessels.

A closer look at the details of the new lid design.

Physical samples of the new vessels were created to see how they compare to the existing line-up.

Unique sketches and watercolor paintings were created for each candle to capture the enticing fragrance.

Colorful watercolor paintings bring the fragrances to life.

The full line-up of the Signature Collection includes 3 new tumblers vessels and 2 new classic jars with the modernized glass apothecary lid.

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The Yankee Candle® Signature Collection can be purchased here.

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