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Power across the great outdoors


Featuring the latest Lithium-Ion technology, Coleman® OneSource™ brings rechargeable, interchangeable battery power to a range of Coleman products.

The challenge
Develop a convenient, environmentally friendly battery system that’s compatible across Coleman® lanterns, flashlights, tents, pump, fan, and more.

The solution
With nearly a dozen designers working in tandem, our team worked closely to develop a cohesive battery system with all the modern conveniences and no unnecessary bulk. Each Coleman® OneSource™ product needed to appear durable, modern, and sleek. This meant celebrating the Lithium-Ion power source itself. Rather than burying the battery into each device, the design team treated it as a focal point. The result is visually appealing and easy for users to swap out and recharge.

Launched in 2020


With easy-to-reach USB ports, users can gather around and recharge other devices while their OneSource™ product is in use.


Whether plugging into a standard outlet at home, or USB converter on the road, OneSource™ makes it easy to keep all of your gear and devices charged and ready.

With OneSource™, there’s never a worry about running out of power or tossing batteries into a landfill.

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Coleman® OneSource™ Products can be purchased here.

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