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Baking is no longer a waiting game


The Oster® HeatSoft hand mixer brings ingredients up to room temperature during the mixing process for better results, every time.

The challenge
Assure that ingredient temperature isn’t an obstacle to baking on your own schedule, removing a barrier to culinary success.

The solution
It’s a time-tested ritual: waiting for butter, eggs, and other ingredients to reach the ideal mixing temperature. Applying too much heat too fast is as bad as trying to effectively mix chilled ingredients. Because they understand baking, the design team blended the warming and mixing process into one. The Oster® HeatSoft Hand Mixer uses warm air to gently soften butter, ensuring fluffier, more consistent baking creations. Now there’s no question when you can bake, or how delicious the results.

Launched 2018

Excellent baking results in a fraction of the time

Packaging exploration

Butter at the correct temperature (above, center) for better dough, results in better cookies!

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Won 2019 GOOD DESIGN Award and an honorable mention among
TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018


The Oster® HeatSoft hand mixer can be purchased on Amazon!

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