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A natural splash of color


Featuring an optimized design and a nature-inspired color palette, Coleman® hard coolers go from campsite to tailgate and everywhere in between.

The challenge
Refine a classic design to appeal to both long-time and new users, provide a platform for adapting to new needs over time, and facilitate reliable manufacturing quality. At the same time, incorporate color palette inspired by nature and ready for any season, going beyond yet complementing the classic Coleman® red and blue.

The solution
The refined hard cooler design conveys the performance that users can expect. New features open potential for sizes from 16 to 150 quarts; they also assure that foam is uniformly distributed for keeping contents ice cold.

People respond emotionally to colors. The design team developed a palette that harmonizes not only with the natural world, but also other Coleman® products. With deep blues, rich reds, lush greens, and go-with-anything neutrals, people can match their hard cooler to their lifestyle.

Launched 2020

Colors are designed to accessorize with Coleman® tents, sleeping bags, and other gear.

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Coleman® hard coolers are available for purchase at your favorite sporting goods or home improvement store.

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