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The design of the Baby Jogger® City Mini® GT2 is more desirable, functional, and nimble than ever, making it the go-to stroller for today’s parents.

The challenge
Elevate the look and functionality of the City Mini® stroller to create a bold new language for the brand.

The solution
It was a tall order when the design team set out to redesign City Mini®. The disruptive fold and unique look were revolutionary when the beloved stroller first hit the market.

For the next generation stroller, the team aligned its design language around being bold, dynamic, courageous, and innovative.

The result is an engaging, angular appearance, easy-to-clean fabrics, and compact proportions. Innovations like a single lift strap for easy folding and a hand-operated parking brake give parents the safety and control they’re looking for.

Launched 2019


This redesign reinforces the foundational message that Baby Jogger empowers parents to live an active, unrestricted lifestyle

The City Mini® GT2 features all-terrain wheels that can go from the city to the trail.

Light and compact, City Mini® GT2 is easy to maneuver

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