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Helping aspiring artists build their skills

Prismacolor® Technique drawing sets go beyond the page with virtual learning workshops.

The challenge
Our Design team was challenged to create our first expansive omni-project that features both physical and digital components working together.

The solution
We developed a system that pairs an assortment Prismacolor® art supplies with virtual workshops. This product is geared toward aspiring artists and casual creatives interested in art techniques—those not quite an art major, yet desiring to push their artistic skills.

The compelling online video tutorials are unique to the Prismacolor® Technique product and among competitors. Prismacolor® further sets itself apart by offering high-quality art supplies to complete the lessons.

Each level progressively builds on the previous level, with the ultimate goal of allowing consumers to build art skill and to feel accomplished with their finished product. This fits into a specific niche which Prismacolor® hasn’t pursued yet.

Launched 2021

A behind the scenes look at how we made the online tutorials.

Each kit specializes in a different subject matter.

Each how-to kit targets Level 1, 2, or 3 illustration fidelity with everything the consumer requires to create the featured illustration, including colored/watercolor pencils, sharpeners, erasers, drawing pad, markers, printed instructions, skill-advancing video tutorials and more.

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Prismacolor® Technique Drawing Kits can be purchased here.

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