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Compact design. Big family adventures.


Made for getting out and seeing the world, the all-new Graco® Wagon combines comfort, storage, and maneuverability into an outdoors-inspired, foldable design.

The challenge
Develop a wagon that moves, provides canopy coverage, and is compact like a stroller, while also has roomy seating and can be pulled like a wagon.

The solution
The key innovation for the wagon was to create flexibility in how the stroller can be maneuvered through different areas and terrains. Our Design team focused on designing the handle to flip forward and back allowing the stroller to be pushed or pulled like a wagon.

For an added stability on family outings, the design team created a wagon that rides lower to the ground. As a result, the canopy provides greater protection from the elements, and even includes side windows to maximize the view. Integrated airflow channels provide ventilation on hotter days, and the textiles are soft and easy to maintain from season to season. At journey’s end, fold up the wagon for easy stowing.

Launched 2022

Concept sketches and functionality details of the stroller.

Push-pull handle design allows the wagon to be pushed like a stroller or, for added adventure, be pulled over rougher terrain.

Designing where and how color and materials are applied to the stroller can elevate the overall look.

An infant car seat adapter allows little ones to come on board with plenty of room for a second child to ride along.

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The Graco® Wagon Stroller can be purchased here.

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