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Enhancing early development, bite by bite

NUK® children’s tableware brings an updated aesthetic and nurturing design to help support self-feeding from birth to toddler.

The challenge
Design a cohesive plate, bowl and utensil system that encourages a child’s natural development and looks great on the table.

The solution
The NUK® design team engaged in an extensive discovery process, observing children eating and gathering parent feedback. Out of these insights the team created a more natural and inviting mealtime experience.

Designed expressly around a child’s development, products utilize suction, leak-proof design, appropriate sizing, and a “bright delights” palette of colors to support a child’s needs through key developmental stages.

Launched 2020


From baby’s first bite to independent eating, NUK® tableware is designed with a little one’s development in mind.


Curved Silhouettes are comprised of geometric forms.

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NUK® tableware products can be found here.

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