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Precision edge details, intuitive function, and an inviting look re-energize the lineup of X-ACTO® pencil sharpeners.

The challenge
Update a classic decades-old pencil sharpener design, while unifying it with the broader portfolio of X-ACTO® products.

The solution
X-ACTO® pencil sharpeners were due for a refresh. The design team began with a precision edge interface to mirror the cutting precision contained within.

Highlighted in gold, titanium blades are a unifying design theme across X-ACTO®’s family of products.

Educators will appreciate the auto-adjustable cutting mechanism to accommodate a range of pencil sizes in a single opening—eliminating time wasted at the pencil sharpener.

Launched 2020

Foam models made to explore scale and proportion, to make real time edits and minimize CAD rework

The SchoolPro’s 12 o’clock cutting location, indicated with a blue line, is more intuitive for users

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X-ACTO® electric pencil sharpeners can be found at your local office supply store.

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