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With equal parts versatility, simplicity, and beauty, the redesigned Mr. Coffee® lineup finally makes it easy to brew the coffee you want.

- All-In-One Pour Over Coffee Maker
- Occasions 3-in-1 Coffee Maker
- Easy Measure 12-cup Coffee Maker
- Dishwashable 12-cup Coffee Maker
- HotCup Single Serve/Pod-Free Coffee Maker

The challenge
Create a unifying look across five new Mr. Coffee® products while conveying new-to-market innovation.

The solution
To give the Mr. Coffee® lineup a recognizable look and a solid stance, the Design team came up with a tapered silhouette. There’s also a visual “waistband” to draw the eye to where the coffee enters the carafe.

The team also took a hierarchical approach to interface design with rounded rectangles and circular buttons that serve to simplify the act of brewing. Text labels are printed directly on buttons and white LED’s are bright, clear, and easy to see.

Aesthetically, the team used soft chamfers to reduce visual weight along with geometric graphics that connect to the Mr. Coffee® brand heritage.

Straightforward controls and wording, such as “Brew Now” and “Brew Later,” make coffee brewing approachable and easy.

The combination kettle, scale, and pour over with simple interface guides takes the guesswork out of how many grounds to add, how much water to use, and when to pour.

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