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Building a brand around Gen Z parenting


With a focus on sustainability, inclusion, and fun, the omnichannel launch of our Century™ baby brand came with one unifying purpose: to create a happy world for the next century.

The challenge
Reach a growing Gen Z audience with products and marketing designed to help them feel less overwhelmed by being first-time parents.

The solution
Working entirely in-house, from photography to industrial design to marketing and social media, the launch of Century™ Baby was seamless and efficient. As a brand we focused on our commitment to using recyclable materials in our products—a huge draw for our Gen Z target.

Affordability was also essential to a new generation of parents who prefer experiences over amassing possessions. To keep things simple, products are outfitted with fabrics that are easy to mix and match, while bringing a fashion sense to a category in need of it. And, because young parents care deeply about inclusivity, our photography and voice reflect the full diversity of our communities.

Launched April 2021


Meet Century


Color and materials were explored for packaging and product for sustainable options with a sense of fun.



Made from plastic water bottles, the recycled fabrics in our Happy Planet Collection are just one example of our commitment to higher quality and lower impact.

Our partnership with TerraCycle® makes it easy for families to recycle a product once children have outgrown it.



We’ve been honored by Fast Company as a part of its 2021 Innovation by Design Awards. The program highlights designers and businesses who are solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

Tapping into childhood imagination was the driving force behind the Century branding - inspired by building blocks, simple shapes, and cheerful color palettes. Our team brought this bright and simple world to life in the most joyful way. An overarching goal of Century is to simplify life to focus on what matters most (those kiddos!), our branding aims to convey this message.

Converging expertise of so many different teams to a single brand vision successfully is nothing short of miraculous. When the right minds join forces to create that vision keeping the future of our little ones in mind, you get Century Baby, a sustainable brand that puts every parent in their happy place.

We are proud to be a 2021 Gold Winner in the 41st annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in the branding category, presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). IDEA recognizes products and services that encourage, inspire, and push our industry forward. Promoting innovation and excellence, they encourage an in-depth forward-thinking process, and honor great design that brings real benefit to users, clients, and society.

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Honorable Mention by Fast Company 2021 Innovation Design Awards.
Gold Award winner by IDSA in the International Design Excellence Awards.


Century™ baby Products can be purchased here.

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