Design Defined – Four Areas of Excellence

A Structure that Follows Strategy

Newell Brands has the structure and the strategy in place to leverage design and innovation as a competitive advantage for each of our brands. We know design is a team sport. It takes a focused team working in synch to deliver the product and brand experiences that differentiate Newell Brands in the marketplace and delight our consumers every day.

The “where” has been set with a big commitment, a new state-of-the-art Design Center. The “who,” is a group diverse in talent, background and experience and united on design-led strategy that will drive innovation. But defining the “what,” the areas of design that will strike a point of differentiation at the point of decision for our consumers, puts clarity around roles and allows Newell Brands designers to work cross-functionally as one force embedding design and innovation into the company’s culture.

Newell Brands: Design Defined

Industrial Design
Industrial Design (ID) at Newell Brands charters design strategy, ideation, development and specification. ID Talent defines the Visual Brand Language so every brand touch point is consistent and flows from a standard. The generation, development and communication of product ideas are owned by Industrial Design. Prototyping, testing and refining solutions prior to seeing a product through to manufacturing live within Industrial Design.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design drives the inspiration and creation of packaging, point of sale, in-store visibility and how our brands come to life through photography. Graphic Design defines how a consumer views our products and it’s a powerful position to communicate differentiation at the point of decision.

Usability is the voice of the consumer and end-user in every product from a physical and cognitive standpoint. A new, centralized function for Newell Brands, Usability is engrained with every design project from the start. That means testing to determine how well consumers can use products and where we can improve by understanding their behaviors, as well as ergonomics, determining how well products fit with intended users. Craftsmanship puts focus on the fit, feel and finish of our products. Usability delves into interactive products, environment, systems and services. Newell Brands is every aspect of design and has the consumer and end-user in mind.

Interaction Design
Interaction Design focuses on optimizing the human computer interface for digital products so that it creates the best possible experience for the users. That takes a real understanding of human behavior and Usability, including people’s emotional response to computer interfaces, their cognitive approach to the product interface, and understanding the motivations and goals of the user. It is all part of the “conversation” we have with our consumers every day in the Design Center.