We are an in-house design team

What we do
The strength of our design work comes from our cross-functional teams, creatively converging from multiple perspectives.

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    Design Viability
    Well-designed products delight people with craftsmanship as well as function.

  • Product Design
    We envision and bring to life objects that connect with people, that deliver pleasure along with function.

  • Communication Design
    Brand experiences begin with a visual introduction, whether through packaging or advertising.

  • Design Innovation
    We use disciplined methods to provoke actionable ideas. We’re constant learners and explorers.

  • Usability & Product Experience Design
    We take the time to see products from the user’s perspective.

What's shaped us
What's shaped us
A consumer-products company founded in 1903 recognized the power of design thinking. We’re the result.

What informs our design

While every design project is unique, there are nine principles that come into play in every project we undertake.

  • Innovation Clarity
    Makes the “new” quickly evident
  • Smart SImplicity
    Appears visually clean but not plain
  • Intuitive Usability
    Offers user interaction that is clear, easy, and safe
  • Functional Integrity
    Operates robustly and communicates quality
  • Aesthetic Harmony
    Brings shape, line, proportion, and scale together to work as one
  • Emotional Desirability
    Makes people want it
  • Brand Sensitivity
    Amplifies the tenets and spirit of the brand
  • LIfecycle Accountability
    Addresses sustainability from design through disposal
  • Value Responsibility
    Contributes to business goals


The brands we build

As an in-house design team, we’re thrilled to develop products for iconic brands, many of which are household names. We love to see how working across product types informs and inspires us!

That's who we are.
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