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A classic recipe is reinvented


The newly updated Crockpot™ brand combines a warm 50-year heritage with a modern look and feel to make wholesome meals a reason to gather.

The challenge
Redefine the iconic Crockpot™ brand, making it modern, relevant, and capable of inspiring people to come together.

The solution
Working as a unified omni-channel team, the Crockpot™ rebrand is the first time key Newell Brands members from every touch-point engaged in a rebrand from beginning to end. The results are hard to ignore. The refreshed brand features softened serif lowercase lettering (minus the previous hyphen), along with bright pops of color and san-serif secondary fonts to balance the past with the present.

With the theme of “togetherness” scoring highest with consumers, the updated visual language and voice are thoughtful, warm, and inviting. The takeaway? In a time when people are feeling increasingly isolated, the refreshed brand celebrates the personal connection that comes with preparing and enjoying a meal together.

Launched 2020

As a nod to Crockpot’s™ heritage, the design team kept yellow as the primary accent color. The word mark was toned back to dark gray rather than black to create greater warmth and pops of color were added to convey a modern feel.

The serif font of the iconic logo is complemented by san-serif secondary fonts for added relevance and legibility across channels.

From ecommerce to social media to point of sale, Newell team members aligned and served as a single omni-channel team to launch the Crockpot™ brand into a fresh new era.

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Crockpot™ slow cookers and pressure cookers can be purchased here.

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